Open House Checklist

2-3 weeks prior to date
– Contact sellers prior to OH date for permission to hold open house
– Submit ad, if appropriate
One week prior:
-Create flyer
– Research homes for sale, sold, expired
– Research any lots for sale in the area
– Research all area amenities
– Arrange for refreshments, if desired

One day prior:
– Circle prospects 50 homes in person with flyer

Day of Open Houses:
– Brochure of flyer of the property
– Personal brochure and/or business cards
– Method of record guests
– Blank purchase agreements & addendums
– Refreshments
– Signs ( as many as you can)
– Park down the street from the home
– Check walk way and driveway
– Check from porch area
– Check home ‘freshness’
– Check entry area
– All lights in the house, including closets are on
– Window coverings open
– Open windows and sliding doors, if appropriate
– Toilet lids in bathroom down
– Soft music on same radio station in every room
– Valuables have not been left in the open
– Kitchen sink spotless
– Place directional signs from the furthest point back to the home
– Leave the seller a note or call them that evening with an update

Within 2 days after open houses:
– Write notes to all that attended
– Call those leads on your hot list; have a reason to get in touch with them so you can get an appointment with them
– Report results of any interest in that home to seller


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