About Foreclosure

If a borrower falls behind in his monthly house payments, the seller or lender may try to take his house back. This is generally called foreclosure. If a house is foreclosed, the borrower may los not only his house, but may also all of the money he has invested in it.

What are some ways that you can prevent foreclosure?
– The borrower can stop the foreclosure by curing the default – in another words, ,make up any delinquent payments plus costs related to the trustee’s sale. The borrower can do this at any time until 11 days before the trustee’s sale. If the borrower is able to make up the payments, he will also have to pay the lender’s expenses related to starting the foreclosure process.
– After the 11th days, the lender is under no obligation to accept a cure of the defaults.
– Upon cure of the default, the trustee is required to execute, acknowledge and record a notice of discontinuance of the trustee’s sale.

Contact the lender and find out about alternative payment options
Evaluate refinancing options
File for bankruptcy
Sell the home

Helpful web sites on foreclosure and referral


A foreclosure is very serious. Not only is a home in jeopardy, but also one’s credit rating. The borrower should contact a lawyer immediately if he is served with any court papers or notices. The sooner the borrower seeks assistance, the sooner a lawyer can try to deal with the problem. The borrower should not wait until it’s too late! If the borrower cannot afford a lawyer, you can try to refer to the local legal services office or county bar association.

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Washington State Foreclosure Timeline and Process

Non-judicial sale 10 am every Friday at county court house

If non-judicial foreclosure is selected by the lender, then it cannot sue for a deficiency judgment. On judicial foreclosure sales, the borrower can be sued for deficiency, unless the property is found to be abandoned for six months before the decree of foreclosure.

Action Timeframe prior to the date of sale
Default Occurs At least 190 days
Notice of Default Posted At least 120 days. Registered mail and posted on the property (this is not a recorded document in WA state)
Notice of Trustees Sales Notice of Foreclosure At least 90 days Recorded
First Publication Notice of Trustee Sales Between 35th and 28th days
Notify IRS if Tax Lien has been filed since the Notice of Default At least 25 days
Second publication: Notice of Trustees Sale Between 14th and 7th day
Last day reinstate 10 days
Trustee Sale
Purchaser’s right to possesion 20 days after the sale

Open House Checklist

2-3 weeks prior to date
– Contact sellers prior to OH date for permission to hold open house
– Submit ad, if appropriate
One week prior:
-Create flyer
– Research homes for sale, sold, expired
– Research any lots for sale in the area
– Research all area amenities
– Arrange for refreshments, if desired

One day prior:
– Circle prospects 50 homes in person with flyer

Day of Open Houses:
– Brochure of flyer of the property
– Personal brochure and/or business cards
– Method of record guests
– Blank purchase agreements & addendums
– Refreshments
– Signs ( as many as you can)
– Park down the street from the home
– Check walk way and driveway
– Check from porch area
– Check home ‘freshness’
– Check entry area
– All lights in the house, including closets are on
– Window coverings open
– Open windows and sliding doors, if appropriate
– Toilet lids in bathroom down
– Soft music on same radio station in every room
– Valuables have not been left in the open
– Kitchen sink spotless
– Place directional signs from the furthest point back to the home
– Leave the seller a note or call them that evening with an update

Within 2 days after open houses:
– Write notes to all that attended
– Call those leads on your hot list; have a reason to get in touch with them so you can get an appointment with them
– Report results of any interest in that home to seller