Fall and Winter Maintenance

Just as you have a to-to-list for your own home, there are a few things you will want to pay attention to in your rental properties to keep things flowing smoothly as the season changes.

1. Tune up your heating system.
Give your local heating contractor a call and have them clean and tune your furnace or boiler. This should be done on an annual basis.

2. Clean the gutter
Making sure that your gutters are free of debris, will ensure that they continue to work properly through fall rains, and winter melting.

3. Turn off exterior faucets
Make sure that the exterior faucets or hoses are drained and shut off before freeze occurs.

4. Landscaping
Clean out the shrubs ferns and flowers from cozying up against your foundation walls.

5. Check for any potential energy saving improvements
Consider weather stripping or caulking at door and window areas.

6. Get out the binoculars and inspect the roof
Check for missing, loose, curling or broken shingles.

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