Peach or Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream

2 pounds peach or strawberries
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
11/2 cups butter milk
11/2 cups heavy cream, plus additional for blending
1 tablespoon vanilla
Pinch of salt

If use peaches, peel and remove pits; if using strawberries, remove hulls. Rough chop fruit and combine with sugar and lemon juice. Puree fruit in a food processor until smooth. Mix in buttermilk, cream, vanilla and salt.
Pull into the ice cream maker for 20 minutes and freeze for one hour.

To peel peaches, cut a small “x” on the bottom of each fruit with a sharp knife. Place peaches in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds and then transfer to a bowl with ice water. When cool enough to handle, slip or rub off skins.


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