Property Management – Tenant Screening Process

Tenant Screening Process

  1. Place ads on multiple online sources to generate the potential applicants’ leads.
  2. Rental Criteria – Present the rental criteria to all applicants with the screen criteria up front. Things to consider including: credit, criminal and eviction records, employment and rental history.
  3. Pre-Qualifying Questions over the phone:
    a. How many people will be occupying the rental?
    b. How soon will you need your new home?
    c. Do you have any pets?
    d. If you qualify for one of our properties, can you make a decision today?
    e. Have you driven by?
    f. Are there any special things you are looking for?
  4. Rental Application – Rental application should be filled out by all applications 18 years and older with their driver’s license or valid government issued ID.
  5. Reviewing Rental Application – Make sure the application has been filled out entirely and that all of the information is legible. Make sure they have signed the application and the background check permission form.
  6. Screen Applicant – Ensure the application is legible before calling/emailing/faxing in the screen request. Use MySmartMove, Leaserrunner or go through Rental Housing Association for the candidates screen process.

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